Cora-Chlorimuron Ethyl 25% WP

Cora-Chlorimuron Ethyl 25% WP


Product Description

Cora (chlorimuron ethyl 25% WP) herbicide, is a selective, post-emergent herbicide for weed control in soybean (both broad leaf weeds and sedges) cultivation in India. Cora herbicide offers ingredients that provide farmers effective crop protection with an easy application. It delivers flexible solutions for stubborn weeds such as P.niruri, C.rotundus, C.benghalensis, etc in soybean cultivation.  

Cora herbicide exhibits both residual and contact soil activity. Once taken up by a susceptible species, the herbicide is rapidly translocated throughout the plant, inhibiting the shoot and root growth of weeds.  Susceptible weed plants will cease to grow immediately after post emergence treatment and are killed within 7-14 days. The toxicology data indicates that Cora, at the recommended use rate, is an ideal herbicide for weed control in soybean cultivation and safe for both man and the environment. Cora herbicide is available in a combo pack with 250ml surfactant.

Quantity : 15 Gram / ekad

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